ENG question

Jennifer Lantz, MS, CFY/A Jenn.the.audiologist at POSTOFFICE.WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Thu Sep 26 18:05:40 EST 1996

To everyone who has replied to me here or in private: Thank you!

Let me address the issues put to me. First, I reinstructed the patient 
to make sure he understood the task. I also had him move closer and move 
back further (it crossed my mind that he might be too close). No 
difference really to speak of. Calibration was okay (he wasn't perfect 
but acceptable). He also showed abnormal tracking results and failure of 
fixation suppression during calorics. In addition he had a unilateral 
left weakness. I was really just curious if anyone had every run across 
hyperactive OKN. I would also love to know what other facilities' ENG 
test batteries consist of. Unfortunately, we do not have rotary chair or 
DP available to us. THANKS!


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