Acoustic Neuroma (Qustions Questions so many questions!)

Cathy Highet and Erick Gallun erick at
Sat Aug 9 09:18:24 EST 1997

Grant wrote:
> Right here's as much information as I can remember.
> 25 white male who was in excellent health before I had my op as went
> swimming
> 5 times a week and also weights 3 times a week ~10 stone about 5 foot
> 4ish.. Studying for my final year of a Ph.D. in molecular biology and
> biotechnology..
> I had suffered only very slight haring loss and no other symptoms until
> November 1996 when my neurosurgeon pointed them out to me.
> About six years earlier I had noticed my left ear was not as good as
> hearing as my right ear, however the effect was slight and I put it down to
> something in my ear had been damaged as I used cotton wool buds and tended
> to delve quite deep.  I also suffered from tonsillitis and colds etc. a
> lot...
> Last October (1996) I got myself to see a specialist as I found it
> impossible to
> hear people in say a noisy club talking in my left ear but perfectly OK in
> my right.
> He straight away got a scan of my head taken and a large intercranial tumor
> in the posteria fossa was identified as causing the problem.  Now when I
> say large it must have been as they said I only had about 2-5 months to
> live and it must be removed.  The only symptoms I had were slight loss in
> sensation of touch on the left side and a reduced gagging response..
> Muscles in the left eye were also being affected.  Which meant it had been
> growing for 8-10 years and my body had compensated which explained why I
> could still walk OK.

I can't answer any of his questions, but it makes me worry about one of
my own...

I have suffered from very minor hearing loss in my right ear for nearly
three and a half years now, and every time I get it checked I am assured
that my hearing is "in the normal range".  Any problems I'm experiencing
must be due to
my own oversensitivity to any hearing loss caused by allergies.  

Why then is it only in my right ear?  And why does it seem so annoying
to me?  I am not sure if there is an answer out there.  I study the
psychology of hearing myself (I'm a grad student), so I ought to be able
to figure this out, but I'm stumped and frankly (given the above story)
a little worried.

Any thoughts?  Should I go get a brainscan just to be sure?  Am I just
being a  hypochondriac?


erick gallun
Hafter Auditory Lab
UC Berkeley

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