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Kate Johnston Kate at ricochet.net
Sun Aug 10 13:53:34 EST 1997

SmrtEMT wrote:
> Hi...Is there a chat room for HOH/Hearing couples??  I'm HOH and my fiance
> is Hearing...I'm curious if there is a chat room under that title.
> Anybody interested??
> Thanks, Amy

I don't know of a chat room, but if you find one, please let me know!  
(I am hard of hearing, married to a hearing man.)

There ARE some Internet resources, though.


This web page is devoted to Deaf/Hearing couples.  In this case, the 
facilitator of this page and group uses Deaf to refer to Deaf, deaf, or 
hard of hearing.  She has a listserve devoted to this topic.

More generally, there are two listserves devoted to hard of hearing 
people. Both of them provide support to hard of hearing people. The 
first one, Beyond-hearing, is a public list, and topics are restricted 
to hearing loss related.  Recent topics on this list have included:

loss of a job due to hearing loss
how to use VCO (voice carry over relay) on the job
how to communicate to hearing people the needs of hard of hearing people
the problems of using ALDs (Assistive Listening Devices) in a car

To find out more about this listserve, and to get subscription 
information, check out this web page:


There is another list, a private list, called Say What Club, which is 
designed for hard of hearing people.  Topics are unlimited, and  
uncensored.  In addition, the Say What Club (or SWC) has some private 
chat sessions on a regular basis. To find out more, check out this web 


Kate Johnston
kate at ricochet.net

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