Severe hearing loss/autism: How to treat?

Shelly Bower bower at
Mon Aug 11 14:47:18 EST 1997

I'm afraid you are going to treat the hearing loss separately from the
Autism.  Hearing loss is not a symptom in Autism (although auditory
comphrehension problems are typical)  and while I'm sure there are
other autistic people who suffer from hearing loss, it probably is not
common.    I suggest you try posting this to bit.listserv.autism which
is a newsgroup.  There may be someone there who can help.

Bower at

polv <zepolv at> wrote:

>Thanks for the suggestion that the autism site might have something to
>offer regarding hearing loss and the best treatment in a person with
>autism.  I found lots of information relating to auditory training and
>auditory integration, but was unable to find anything pertaining to
>hearing loss. 
>If I missed something, please let me know; meanwhile, I'll continue
>looking through the site.

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