Are Audiologists Generous?

Oregon7 oregon7 at
Wed Aug 13 22:20:00 EST 1997

I have changed the title to more accurately reflect the topic.  I was
dismayed to find several audiologists complaining about 'greedy' graduate
level clinical fellows in audiology.

Let's keep in mind that these individuals have completed at least 6 years
of college, including 2 difficult years in graduate school, and then to
top it off, must complete another 9 months working as entry level helpers
prior to certification.  That totals up about 7 years of
effort....consider what othe professional training can be completed in 7
years:  lawyers, dentists, nurses, etc. etc.  Nearly all can claim decent
salaries during their starting years.

These two posts rankle a bit, I suppose, because I have heard it said by
audiologists that CF should be willing to work for low pay or nearly free
during this 1 year following school completion.  Show me another
PROFESSIONAL industry that requires this....most students are broke and
looking forward to earning a living wage.

The other issue is that the supervising audiologist will make money off
the employment of the CF.  In a hospital setting. or private clinic, the
patients pay the same for the services provided.
True, CFs are often slower and do make errors, but still!  ENT offices
will charge enormous amounts for certain tests and then pay a CF $7 an

I have always wondered why some audiologists are so unwilling to help
develop these new entrants into a rapidly growing field.  It seems to
reflect the values of the dog in the manger, rather than a group of highly
trained professional health care providers.  Perhaps it is reflective of
the growth that needs to take place in our field before we are universally
respected by other health care providers. 

If the industry desires employees with sales background, closing skills,
etc., then put pressure on the graduate schools to provide courses in
these areas.  Presently, the business aspect of audiology is ignored in
favor of the scientific and theoretical preparation. 

Marsha Johnson, M.S., CCC-A

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