What They Didn't Tell Me In Grad School Nonsense

Oregon7 oregon7 at aol.com
Tue Aug 19 23:37:27 EST 1997

Making an estimate of the number of hearing impaired people in the USA
based on how many hearing aids are sold per thousand is false.  Obviously,
more individuals would like to purchase a hearing aid or use one but
cannot afford the prices.  Once hearing aids are recognized as legitimate
medical devices, more insurance companies will cover them, and the entire
field will be lifted out of the sales arena into the professional medical
services one.

Personally, one of the highlights of the audiology program was
participating with a small group and professors.  I cannot imagine a
program with 75 students or 300 students, etc.   Purely theoretical
classes might work, but the hands-on clinical skills which are paramount
for good audiologists must be learned one on one.

I choose not to comment on the rest of this post.  

Marsha Johnson, M.S., CCC-A  

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