What They Didn't Tell Me In Grad School (formerly " Are Audiologists Generous?" )

gandalf at aud.org gandalf at aud.org
Wed Aug 20 18:02:41 EST 1997

Paul is expressing a viewpoint held by many old Beltone salesmen. They were 
indoctrinated by the scheme that teaches that sales are paramount, and that if 
you make the sale, you are therefore helping somebody. Conscience is not 
allowed, because if you examine the premise, the barreness of it is apparent. 

The scorn he has for audiology (gee, all MY audiologists make $80,000 a year) 
is also typically Beltone. These poor fools could not exist were it not for 
the beneficence of Saint Paul.

The use of the word paradigm demonstrates the 
value of a University education. It is a word Paul picked up somewhere which 
appears 5 or 10 times in his letter, probably to impress audiologists with his 
wisdom and learning, but which is inappropriately used each time.

I have added him to my killfile.


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