What They Didn't Tell Me In Grad School Nonsense

SoundHrg soundhrg at aol.com
Thu Aug 21 20:34:07 EST 1997

>Making an estimate of the number of hearing impaired people in the USA
>based on how many hearing aids are sold per thousand is false. 
>more individuals would like to purchase a hearing aid or use one but
>cannot afford the prices.

This 'fact' is stated to be obvious.  Is this actually a fact?  It is my
understanding that studies have shown that price is not necessarily a
major factor for bypassing the hearing aid purchase.

>Once hearing aids are recognized as legitimate
>medical devices, more insurance companies will cover them, and the entire
>field will be lifted out of the sales arena into the professional medical
>services one.

I understand hearing aids have been manufactured for a while.  Why would a
hearing aid be legitimate now?  Are insurance companies looking for
legitimate expenditures to ad to the portfolio?  I would guess that
hearing aids have been legitimate, but insurance companies might have
other motives for not paying.

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