Why is there no Union for Audiologists?

Zipjack zip at jack.com
Sun Aug 24 17:55:11 EST 1997

gandalf at aud.org wrote:

zipjack wrote:

>>The profession of Audiology seeks to improve through implimentation of
>>another coslty degree, the Au.D, when many graduates are unable to
>>earn a living wage with an M.S., for YEARS. Additional education is
>>important, but expensive. The lack of political discussion, and
>>willingness to unify, contribute to the broader issues that affect us
>>all, particularly reimbursement issues.

Gandalf wrote:
>I haven't seen it in over 25 years in the field. I'm in a small city, and 
>maybe in larger places these things happen, but I hope they are rare. I don't 
>know if paying a CFY by the hour is a very good system. Don't people get 
>contracts anymore? It used to be that you signed up for a year with a definite 
>income negotiated.

Well, it depends on the desperation of the C.F.Y.
I have worked with contracts, without contracts, for a # of bosses.
I have had a contract violated, via. addendums I was strongarmed into
signing with threats of reduced work hours, etc.(Winter was coming,
and I was getting married, so she felt she was able to justify her
Interestingly, THIS was done by someone who considers herself to be a
champion of audiology and audiologists.
I was never absent, never late, always enthusiastic, and a pretty good

 I left ASLHA because of what I perceived to be an upcoming 
>unionization scheme. I guess the socialists have taken it over by now. That 
>may explain the per hour pay scales.

Could you be specific about this? I'm curious.
>Too bad. We used to be considered equals by Doc (some of us still are), but, 
>thanks to ASHLA we are just another complaining group of whiners looking for a 
>free and easy meal ticket.

I think its a mixture of circumstance, luck, resources, etc.




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