Starting up an Aud Practice: Advice?

Oregon7 oregon7 at
Sat Feb 1 12:56:55 EST 1997

Hi.  I am glad to find this newsgroup.  I am a recent grad in Audiology
and would like to start up a practice after I finish my CFY.  I have been
studying the area of tinnitus for about 12 months and am planning to
attend Jastreboff's training seminar in May.

I am interested in figuring out how to start up a Tinnitus Treatment
Center here in Oregon.  I should mention that I have a strong business
background as well as 5 years of counseling troubled adults and youth.

Another sideline I am working on now is the production and marketing of
tabletop water fountains for use by tinnitus sufferers in offices, etc. 
Hopefully, the brochure will be completed soon as I have had many requests
already for details.

I would like to hear from others as to the benefits/costs of associating
with an MD or an independent practice.  I have spoken with a few ENTs OTs
and also NDs who seem interested.  What might the dangers be?  

Any thoughts would be most appreciated. 


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