suggestions for independent study

Howard Gutnick hgutnick at
Sun Feb 9 14:18:34 EST 1997

I'm sorry to dump on Melissa Bruss, but I get somewhat impatient with this
kind of question. I would expect that a student would have done some prior
thinking and some discussion with her faculty before asking others to
provide her with a study question. 
Howard N. Gutnick, Ph.D.
Atlantic Coast Ear Specialists, P.C.
Virginia Beach, VA 

Melissa Bruss <bruss.2 at> wrote in article
<bruss.2.3.32FA6E8F at>...
> I'm a speech and hearing major and would like to do an independent study 
> project next quarter. My interest is audiology but I'm at a loss as to
what to 
> do my study on. Any suggestions? Please email me at bruss.2 at

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