Assistance needed

Malcolm Webster malcolm at
Sun Feb 16 05:14:36 EST 1997

On Fri, 14 Feb 1997 00:17:05 GMT, malcolm at (Malcolm Webster)

>We are looking for a qualified speech therapist for a short term
>employment opportunity, to assist us with our 4 year old child James
>while we are visiting America from August through till October of this
>Salary and expences paid, for more details please e-mail us at
>Lisa   lisa at
>Malcolm  malcolm at
We will be in New York on the 24th August then onto Boston on the 6th
September, Seattle 15th September, back to New York on the 22
September. 29 September to the 19th October we will be visiting
Virginia, North Carolina, Atlanta and Miami, Leaving US 29th October

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