Widex G1

Stephanie Lleonart slleonartm at vision.net.au
Mon Jan 13 05:46:17 EST 1997

I have a client who has an old Widex G1 BTE hearing aid. She now requires 
a replacement aid as it is on its last legs. I have tried her with several 
aids ITE and BTE including the PICS range and Bernafon RD series and 
Starkey. Our last attempt was a SENSO aid. She has rejected the aids and 
although Insertion gain and MPO is identical to her old widex she finds 
the clarity not as good and has problems with the occlusion effect- 
with the BTE fitting we have used her old mould. 

She has a binaural loss since childhood - moderate to severe fairly flat 
however recovering slightly in the high frequencies. I realise that she 
may just be used to the Widex sound however does anyone have any 

Stephanie LLeonart

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