Sudden Hearing Loss

Susan Moore smoore at
Thu Jan 16 12:15:30 EST 1997

Did your father get admitted to a hospital??

Sudden hearing loss is an emergency situation that too few MDs know can
be treated successfully.  However, the faster the treatment begins the more
likely it is that the hearing can be saved.

Did your father go to see an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) MD?  Or just a family MD?

Has his hearing been tested by an audiologist who has determined there is *NO* 
measurable hearing in that ear?  Many times a person will tell me they can't hear
a thing with one ear and they only have a mild-moderate hearing loss and still
have speech recognition abilities in that ear.

If your father has NOT seen an audiologist/ear specialist, get him to one TODAY
and see if anything can be done.  Here at the U of Iowa hospital they will admit
sudden losses and give them some sort of drug treatment that requires an inpatient
stay in the hospital.  Unfortunatly, I do not know what type of drugs they 
administer to the patient with the sudden loss.

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