advice on new h/aids & phonak

Gary & Anne Gams MrHiggins at
Sat Jan 18 11:23:44 EST 1997

Well I've gone from Nobel canal aids to full shell Resound aids and then
to Resound BTE's...I also wear Phonak Zoom's as well on some
occasions...The transition was easy because I needed the change...As a
Dispenser and user I can honestly say that any aids worn just are not
that comfortable but it beats the alternative...I wish I could go
without but that is not an option for me...BTE's are a little more bulky
but have some advantages over ITE's...I have less feedback problems and
find it nice to be able to keep my earmolds clean with simple
maintenance...Your looking at two great aids...Both should serve you
well for the next 3-5 years...The remote is bulky and I admit to
forgetting it on more than on one occasion, but that's me...You really
have more than 2 programs on the Zoom...You have the basic program, with
two additional programs and then can switch the mic's while in each
program...Also the volume and on-off capabilities are very handy...The
remote works well and is really quite fun to play with in a given
situation...i.e. while in Vegas recently I was unable to hear the
Blackjack dealer due to a drunk on my right side...I just lowered the
right aid and upped the left and it was great and all done from under
the table...I was told by a very large man in black however to remove
whatever that device was from the table....NOW!...Anyway as to the
digital question, as well really to most of your questions what works
best for you is the right choice...Your comparing Cadillac's...It
sound's like your working with a Dispenser who is quite up to date and
together you'll make the right decision…I didn't speak much about the 3M
but it is also a fine instrument with good sound quality and no remote
to forget...So good luck and let us know what happens...GG

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