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gt gtniowa at
Mon Jan 20 18:06:35 EST 1997

Are you an audiologist Mikey???
When I searched for your name on the ASHA membership directory under
audiologists, it could not find anything even close to a match.  I noticed
that you did use the title audiologist after your name.  Could you clarify
this for me.

mikey <gandalf at> wrote in article
<01bbfcff$ddc42560$b24498ce at sancho-panza>...
> Full time audiologist position in Martinsville Virginia, a town of 40,000
> Respond with curriculum vitae:
> by e-mail to:
> gandalf at
> by fax to:
> 540-345-7829
> by snail mail to:
> Michael W. Ridenhour, Audiologist, Inc.
> 122 Mountain Avenue SW
> Roanoke, VA 24016

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