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Glen R. Meier gtniowa at
Tue Jan 21 18:53:22 EST 1997

> > Are you an audiologist Mikey???
> What does the "ASHA membership directory" have to do with being an
> "audiologist"?

Almost all audiologist's are members of ASHA, not all, but almost all.

> Wouldn't it be more logical to search the Virginia directory of
> state-licensed audiologists?

Logical? YES.  Why didn't I? They don't have a comprehensive listing
that may be quickly and easily searched over the net.

You caught me Paul :)  I was being lazy and figured I would just ask
Mikey as he post very frequently here.

As far as your reference to congratulating an audiologist on not being
in ASHA:  My response is "A 10 foot pole is not nearly long enough to
touch that question!!!"

Eagerly Awaiting Mikeys Response

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