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Tue Jan 21 18:44:25 EST 1997

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> gt wrote:
> > Are you an audiologist Mikey???
> > When I searched for your name on the ASHA membership directory under
> > audiologists, it could not find anything even close to a match.  I
> > that you did use the title audiologist after your name.
> What does the "ASHA membership directory" have to do with being an
> "audiologist"?
> Wouldn't it be more logical to search the Virginia directory of
> state-licensed audiologists? Or, if Virginia does not license
> audiologists, then couldn't anyone call themselves an audiologist there?
> (This point needs clarification. Anyone?) This sort of thing would come
> under state and federal laws, not the by-laws of a private association.
> I see ASHA as being a professional association that some, but not all,
> audiologists belong to, no different than being a member of AAA or ADA.
> By not being in the ASHA membership directory, that would simply mean
> that Mikey is not a member of ASHA, not an unheard of thing! In fact,
> some of us might even congratulate Mikey for that! <g>
> Paul Woodard ;-)
> Des Moines, IA USA


Paul and I may fight each other occasionally, but that's because we think
so much alike!!!

I am a Fellow of AAA,  I belong to the AAS (American Auditory Society), the
SHAV (Speech and Hearing Association of Virginia), CAOHC (Council for
Accreditation of Occupational Hearing Conservation), and probably some
other organizations which I have forgotten about, but the speech therapists
of ASHA can go elsewhere for their dues.

(and Virginia does have licensure, so I am licensed as an Audiologist and
also licensed as a hearing aid dispenser.)
mikey (%^ )

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