"broken-wire" myster

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Wed Jan 22 18:22:12 EST 1997

Does her hearing return if she looks up and to the right or left?
Or down and to the right and left?  Ron

On 22 Jan 1997, DrJack811 wrote:

> A mystery in need of assistance, referral...
> A friend of mine (now 46) suddenly went deaf at age 3.  All testing at the
> time turned up nothing physically or neurologically wrong with her.  Upon
> being sent to deaf boarding school, her hearing returned, then
> spontaneously vanished again.
> Later, in her 20's, she was extensively examined by a variety of doctors
> and a battery of tests, who equally came up dry.   Very expensive hearing
> aids were prescribed which helped minimally, and which she dislikes and
> cannot afford to replace, now broken.  Despite, she pursued career as
> professional dancer for many years, feeling the music like so many deaf
> musicians do.
> But the mystery is, hearing has repeatedly spontaneously returned, albeit
> rarely, both in childhood and adulthood.  Usually it is under the
> conditions of being very fatigued, late in the evening, and persists for a
> few hours to a few days.  She says it seems "like a broken wire," an
> intermittent connection that seems to click on and off erratically.  And,
> of course, the hearing world she is ushered into is rather chaotic, and it
> doesn't last long enough for her to really sort it out.
> Is this a known condition?  Is it treatable?  Psychological factors may
> well be involved here (childhood abuse), but the persistence of it (albeit
> rare) and the fatigue/broken-wire aspect suggests something more or
> something else entirely.  She has not sought treatment in years(she gave
> up, works well in deaf world, though would not be averse to hearing), so
> perhaps technology/neurology has caught up since her last exam.
> Any thoughts, references, guidance -- particularly in the Miami, Florida
> area where she lives -- would be greatly received!
> Thanks,
> John Townley
> DrJack811 at aol.com

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