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AudioLady audiolady at
Sat Jan 25 17:36:09 EST 1997

Let's face it ASHA doesn't offer much to audiologists any longer. 
According to those who went to the last ASHA convention last year...there
were very few courses for the audiologist.  Also the journals appear to be
biased towards the speechies.
As for private practices dispensing hearing aids only...who says.  I have
worked for a private practice since my CFY and we definitely do not do
only hearing aids. It is possible to diversify.   We do hearing screens on
newborns at four different hospitals on a daily (weekends included) basis,
diagnostic evals on all ages, ABRS we have contracts with the
local school district and the state school.   It's actually a well rounded
position with the autonomy our position deserves.

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