Hearing Loss in Childs

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Mon Jan 27 01:07:14 EST 1997

"Alfredo Oliva" <alfoliva at deltanet.com.ar> writes:

>I have a 5 years old daugther with a slightly earing loss in both ears.
>It was hard to me and my wife to accept it but we did.
>Now we are buying the recommended hearings aids. 
>I want to hear the experiences of parents having child with this kind of
>How manage the childs, how to use the aids, how explain she thatr have to
>use, etc etc.....

Please be sure that you are comfortable with the person fitting your
child with hearing aids.  For children, the first priority needs to
be the overall welfare of the child and family.  Your child will be
using hearing aids in the classroom, so is this person in contact with
the special education personnel at your child's school.  Is this person
ready and willing to deal with the added maintenance needed for children?
Is this person willing to spend the time teaching you as parents what is
needed and what is expected from you?

Please be comfortable with this person as you will be seeing this person
at least monthly for your child's hearing health care needs.

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