Can it be done?

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Mon Jan 27 16:55:20 EST 1997

One hearing aid that you might want to consider is the "Enviro-Pro" that is
made by MicroTech.  

This hearing aid can be made with a class D reciever to boost those highs
and comes with a screw set volume control.  The dispenser sets the maximum
amount of boost the hearing aid will give (peak gain) and the patient has a
control that will turn the bass and mid frequency pitched sounds up and
down (active filter).
This aid also has compression so that you can get the most possible sound
into your reduced hearing range without having sounds be too loud for your
comfort.  The dispenser can also order an adjuster to alter when the
compression will kick in.  This aid is not a computer programmed hearing
aid, so that will help to keep the cost down also.

You would leave the bass and mid-frequency sounds turned up for a more
uniform response when listening to your music; you would turn those pitches
down when trying to communicate in noise; and finally, you would rely on
the compression to keep your hearing intact when the bus hits the air
brakes and squeels to a stop :-)

Good Luck!
Glen R. Meier, M.S., CCC-A
gtniowa at

> >What I am hoping to find is a hearing aid that can boost the 2k+
> >frequencies to help me understand conversation (I don't hear the
> >sibilance). One ITE pair I tried (around $900) did help in this
> >way BUT the compression circuit took away the dynamics (change in
> >voulme) of the music. I asked the audiologist if a 'defeat' switch
> >could be incorporated so I could either use the compression to
> >protect my ears from unwanted loud sounds (squeel of bus brakes)
> >OR turn off that circuit so that the *dynamics* of the music
> >wouldn't be altered.

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