Meniers Disease

Tom Boismier boismier at
Tue Jan 28 09:08:14 EST 1997

> Does anyone have any insight as to non-traditional relief from the
> symptoms of the disease.  I have been advised to take antivert and
> valium to calm the neurological responses that lead to the dizziness and
> spinning.  Anyone with any info pertaining to this disease, I would be
> grateful.

Check the Vestibular Disorders Association website:

Please keep in mind that Valium and Antivert will not prevent a
Meniere's attack, they are for symptomatic relief. Also note that
Antivert takes hours to build up an effective blood level. 

Our routine treatment for Meniere's is a low salt diet (<2000 mg/day)
and 6-8 8oz glasses water /day. A diuretic is often added after 4-6
weeks if the diet shows limited effect. If you have further questions,
please feel free to email me directly.

Thomas E. Boismier, MPH <boismier at>
Assistant Director, Vestibular Testing Center
Department of Otorhinolaryngology
University of Michigan Hospitals

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