bicross eyeglass aid

Paul D Dybala dybala at
Wed Jul 30 18:46:28 EST 1997

Good call on the Starkey Brand:

I just looked up the specs on a Starkey / Fidelity Viennatone

F495 & F 499 in their standard products catalog  you would
need to contact Starkey minneapolis to see if they can set it
up as a bicros though.  

I am sure that they could if you said please!

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HearWHAC (hearwhac at wrote:
> Keith Felgemacher wrote:
> > Anybody know of a manufacturer for eyeglass bicross unit other than
> > Telex?  Looking specifically for eyeglass model.

> Rexton used to offer one but I'm not sure if they still do. What about
> the Starkey family of companies? Do any of them offer eyeglass bicros
> units?

> Paul Woodard ;-)

Thank you for your support,
Paul Dybala
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