need a Low Cost Source for size 13 hearing aid

Gary & Anne Gams MrHiggins at
Sat Mar 1 11:04:52 EST 1997

You may be making a big mistake looking for cheap batteries...But you
should test for yourself to prove the value in a good name Proline or similar batteries...Go to Radio Shack
and buy their 3 pack of zinc air(by the way, zinc air is the only kind
of battery you should use)Compare the life of each battery...In
batteries cheap usually means just that...As a Dispenser and user I've
tried them all...You should be able to buy your batteries by the carton
at a savings...Shelf life is around 3 years with a 1% loss per
year...Keep track of how often you change batteries and I think you'll
be surprised how little they really cost...Not knowing your loss or your
lifestyle it's impossible to predict your battery
life...My guess is it will cost you .50-.75 per ear per week which
really is a small cost in the scheme of things...You can also buy name
brand batteries from some organizations (AARP)at a discount also, but
I've not had any personal experience with them and I don't like doing
business mail order...Well good luck...Let us know what you find

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