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>Not too long ago I heard Ruth Bentler comment that even though the
>amplifiers in the digital and analog hearing aids are radically
>different, the transducers (mikes and receivers) are essentially the
>same! Wouldn't this mean digital and analog hearing aids would sound
>pretty much alike?
>Paul Woodard ;-)
>hearwhac at netins.net

I hope that last sentence was meant as a joke. While poor transducers
result in a poor aid, high-quality transducers do not ensure a
high-quality good aid. Distortion in the circuit, bandwidth, noise,
and, for multiband syllabic compressors, a host of manufacture-set
properties make hearing aids radically different. Compare perceptual
differences between the Widex Senso, the DigiFocus, and a K-Amp aid
and those results are due to the different dynamic characteristics of
the signal processing and have little to do with the transducers.



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