hearing aid test systems

Gary & Anne Gams MrHiggins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Mar 6 09:43:55 EST 1997

Audiometers come in many different layouts...Some are portable and only
used for screening...Air and maybe bone...Speech is done with either
live voice tape or cd...For medical testing some go out as far as
20000Hz...I've included the features of the type of Audiometer you might
find in the average office...I'd suggest you contact Madsen or Qualitone
for some literature or just cruise the net...Hope this helps in some

     Advanced Diagnostic Instrument 
     11 Frequencies 125 to 8000Hz 
     Air and Bone Conduction 
     Speech Audiometry 
     Air, Bone and Speech Masking 
     Stenger Speech and Tone Tests 
     Loudness Balance Test 
     Automatic Threshold Test 
     1 and 5dB Attenuator Steps 
     Pure, Warble and Pulsed Tones 
     Calibration Memory for Two Headsets 
     Insert Masking 
     Result Storage Capability 
     RS232C Computer Interface 
     NOAH Compatible 
     Built-in Monitor Loudspeaker 

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