dysinfecting equipment

Maxianne Berger maxib at CAM.ORG
Sat Mar 8 10:06:45 EST 1997

have recently lent PockeTalker personal amplifyer to an in-patient (with
large conductive component from O.M. overlaying high freq SN loss -- to be
treated ... but in the meantime ...)
InPt is in hospital for another reason, but is in isolation because of
VRE. People entering room need wear only gown and gloves (no mask), and I
was told that simply wiping whatever equipment with alcohol after exposure
would be sufficient.
When the amplifyer is returned to us, I plan to discard the foam mike
cover and ear pad (one over-the-ear phone).  I'm not concerned about
wiping case and controls with alcohol, but am wondering about those parts
of mike and phone which had been covered with the foam: there are those
little holes in them after all.
Would appreciate suggestions, ideas, leads ... whatever.
P.S. Said In-Pt was excessively grateful when given PockeTalker. Though
no one in room at time I was leaving, wanted to keep it turned on to
listen to environment ... just to hear anything again.
                      Maxianne Berger * maxib at cam.org 
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