hearing aid makes patient dizzy

DZAPALA dzapala at aol.com
Sat Mar 8 23:07:46 EST 1997


This may be a positive Toolio or Hennabart Sign.  (+) Toolio is commonly
associated with luetic disease, though like other posts, I have seen this
in many types of inner ear pathology (mondini, hydrops, high dose
radiation to the head. etc.).  Of course its always good to be on the safe
side.  You might want to let an otolaryngologist make the call from a
liability point of view.  Most fo the time there si no medically
significant condition ;-).  

Then, look for some form of output limiting. 

Hope this helps.

David Zapala

>I am currently working with a young boy with bilateral profound SNHL. 
>Wearing his auditory trainer reportedly makes him dizzy.  This dizziness
>is only reported when he wears the right hearing aid. 

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