need a Low Cost Source for size 13 hearing aid batteries

mtnbikegal at mtnbikegal at
Sat Mar 8 22:35:20 EST 1997

On Thu, 27 Feb 1997 11:27:12 -0800, David Shalita <af389 at>

>I am a new owner of a pair of Siemens Music hearing aids.
>I am looking for  low cost sources  of 13SA or equivalent Zinc Air
>Is there a Battery of the Month club?
>Do all size 13 batteries provide the same number of hours of use
>or should I look for a particular manufacturer or part number for 
>best performance versus lowest cost?
>Please post to group and email reply to me also if possible.
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>		 Dave Shalita, af389 at
I am a signlanguage teacher/interpreter/transliterator. Looking for
manual fonts, clipart, or anything pertaining to signlanguage which
can be used to make learning sign language entertaining for children. 

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