R & S rfoy at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed Mar 12 13:08:32 EST 1997

While at an auction at the School for The Deaf in Amherst, Nova Scotia I 
picked up a Grason Stadler 162K. This was the amplifier part of an old 
(late 60's with vacuum tubes) audiometer. It was originally a Macintosh 
MC40 amplifier that  Grason Stadler had modified. For the past six months 
I have been striving to find a second one or any other older tube 
amplifier to try and modify them back to Macintosh standard. I have had 
many dead ends so far but feel confident that somebody in the Audiology 
Profession  may know of  a lead, if so please call collect (902) 765-8385 
or E mail rfoy at ns.sympatico.ca      Thank You, Richard Foy

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