EITEN at BoysTown.ORG EITEN at BoysTown.ORG
Wed Mar 12 17:46:15 EST 1997

In reply to Arne Jorgensen's request for information about LVAS (or 
Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct - EVA):  We have been following a population 
of children with EVA here in the Nebraska area.  Some common histories 
include:  relatively late identification of hearing loss, an unexplained 
conductive component in the low regions of hearing with no middle ear 
fluid or middle ear abnormalities, better speech and language abilities 
than you would expect based on the degree of hearing loss.  Of course, 
the most frustrating aspect of EVA/LVAS is the fluctuation and 
progression of hearing loss that many of the children seem to experience. 
 The fluctuation and possible progression make hearing aid fittings a 
challenge and also require a great deal of audiological retesting.  At 
this point, I'm not sure what your questions are.  If you would like more 
information about audiological recommendations, I do have some basic 
information geared for audiologists.  If you are seeking contact with 
other families, let me know and I can possibly connect you with other 
parents who have been through this.  From a parent's stand-point, EVA can 
be frustrating and hard to predict.  Find out all you can - you are your 
child's best advocate!

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