No offense to Michael Gorga, but..........

gandalf at gandalf at
Tue Mar 11 22:28:28 EST 1997

>FOR ANYONE WHO DOES NOT KNOW. Comments from Dr. Gorga about OAE systems 
>are valid, done in a highly professional manner, and are very important 

>Someone in his position can't endorse certain products.

>(Dr. Gorga is a leading researcher and authority on OAEs and 
>electrophysical testing.)

>Gordon Fletcher

Nonsense. So I am to take the word of an even lesser known character, 
(Dr.?) Gordon Fletcher?

Having been out of academia for a few years, I had 
forgotten how self important and pompous you guys are.  99.99999999999999999 % 
of the US population has never heard of Dr. Gorga, who is, no doubt a fine 
scientist and scholar, but who is, I hope, less sensitive to imagined insults 
than you. My point is that whatever this epitome of OAEs says, a thinking 
person makes up her or his mind based on knowledge acquired by study, not like 
a rock star groupie or sports idolater, who only goes for endorsed products.

Apparently, I have a higher opinion of my fellow audiologists than  you.

Michael Ridenhour

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