No offense to Michael Gorga, but..........

Kelley Mascher mascher at
Wed Mar 12 18:32:24 EST 1997

Not that I would ever presume to defend Michael Gorga...

But Mr. Ridenhour, your were insulting and by your own admission
you haven't studied. Please take you own advice.

Kelley Mascher

gandalf at writes:

>>FOR ANYONE WHO DOES NOT KNOW. Comments from Dr. Gorga about OAE systems 
>>are valid, done in a highly professional manner, and are very important 

>>Someone in his position can't endorse certain products.

>>(Dr. Gorga is a leading researcher and authority on OAEs and 
>>electrophysical testing.)

>>Gordon Fletcher

>Nonsense. So I am to take the word of an even lesser known character, 
>(Dr.?) Gordon Fletcher?

>Having been out of academia for a few years, I had 
>forgotten how self important and pompous you guys are.  99.99999999999999999 % 
>of the US population has never heard of Dr. Gorga, who is, no doubt a fine 
>scientist and scholar, but who is, I hope, less sensitive to imagined insults 
>than you. My point is that whatever this epitome of OAEs says, a thinking 
>person makes up her or his mind based on knowledge acquired by study, not like 
>a rock star groupie or sports idolater, who only goes for endorsed products.

>Apparently, I have a higher opinion of my fellow audiologists than  you.

>Michael Ridenhour
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