No offense to Michael Gorga, but..........

Glen R. Meier gtniowa at
Wed Mar 12 23:52:19 EST 1997

gandalf at (Michael W. Ridenhour) wrote:

> Nonsense. So I am to take the word of an even lesser known character,
> (Dr.?) Gordon Fletcher?

Nonsense to what? Could you be a little more specific with this

> Having been out of academia for a few years, I had
> forgotten how self important and pompous you guys are.  

Now this is starting to sound like the Mikey that we all had gotten used
to.  Are you really trying to generalize all the individuals involved in
education into your narrowly defined subset of "self-important and

> 99.99999999999999999 %
> of the US population has never heard of Dr. Gorga, who is, no doubt a >fine
> scientist and scholar, but who is, I hope, less sensitive to imagined insults
> than you.

An individual, not a population, posted a querry.  According to your
first sentence, being well known is not equatable to knowledgeable, so
why are you throwing around such ridiculus numbers???  As far as
imagined insults, it does not take the creativity of Walt Disney to see
the insult of your original post.

> My point is that whatever this epitome of OAEs says,

Again with the insults.

> a thinking
> person makes up her or his mind based on knowledge acquired by study, > not like
> a rock star groupie or sports idolater, who only goes for endorsed > products.

True.  However to disount the opionions of individuals that have
achieved a far greater understanding of the topic then I myself would
ever hope to have is non-productive.  They may be opinions, but they are
often highly informed opinions and well reasoned.  Dr. Gorga was kind
enough to offer his advice on how to better select a product that he is
familiar with.  Most would have simply endorsed a product without
attempting to educate.  If a recognized expert of a topic refrains from
endorsing a product as superior to other products in the same market, it
is not necessarily due to the influence that endorsement might make in
the decision of the product purchaser, but it also may reflect on the
research that the expert is currently undertaking, or has conducted in
the past.  I applaud Dr. Gorga for his restraint and attempt at
education.  I for one appreciate the opportunity to learn from a
"well-known" expert.

> Apparently, I have a higher opinion of my fellow audiologists than  >you.  
>Michael Ridenhour

A wise man once said: "When viewed from the bottom, all things appear to
be higher!"

Just kidding!  I see the point that you were trying to make, but I
disagree with the manner in which you presented it.  You profess to be a
student of apologetics, yet fail to use basic philosophical principles
in your arguments.

I hope future discussions on this topic will not digress to this level.

Thanks to all who responded to (or can remember) the original querry

Glen R. Meier
(not a Dr. and not well known)
(Heck, I am not even a little bit known)

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