Michael Gorga

Jennifer Lantz, MS, CFY/A Jenn.the.audiologist at POSTOFFICE.WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Mar 12 21:01:09 EST 1997

Might I add that Michael Gorga (as well as Pat Stelmachowicz) is one of 
the finest speakers I have ever had the chance to learn from. Sure, I do 
not agree with everything he says, but he is very knowledgeable about 
this particular aspect of audiology and I thank him for his advice. 
Also, he has replied to my emails and posts in the past with useful 
advice and insight and I thank him for that. Many people never bother to 
help out others - they just criticize.

Jennifer Lantz, MS CFY-A (for not much longer !:-) )

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