Ridenhour response to Gorga

gandalf at infi.net gandalf at infi.net
Wed Mar 12 22:12:44 EST 1997

>        I don't make a habit of commenting on postings on this server, but 
the >recent exchange between Gorga and Ridenhour prompts me to respond.  
Having read>Gorga's original posting on OAE systems, Ridenhour's response seems
>inappropriate and unprofessional.  I know as well as anyone that Gorga can be
>offensive, but I can't for the life of me figure out what, in his statements,
>Ridenhour found objectionable.  Oh, by the way, I'll bet Ridenhour doesn't know
>who I am either.

>Pat Stelmachowicz

>Pat Stelmachowicz             e-mail:  stelmach at boystown.org
>Director of Audiology         Phone:   (402) 498-6522
>Boys Town Natl. Res. Hosp.    FAX:     (402) 498-6638
>555 N. 30th St.
>Omaha, Ne.  68131

Well, let's preserve the old school tie. Another defense from Boys Town. This 
Gorga must have a lot of people there afraid of him. 
Your depiction, by the way, of what is professional is a childish attempt to 
deflect folks from the paucity of any specific objections to my 
characterisation of Dr. Gorga's message, which I deemed unprofessional It 
appeared to me to be such a trivial letter from such an intelligent and 
accomplished fellow. I was commenting on its style, not its substance. I don't 
expect the man to endorse products, a la Jerry Northern, but, for Heaven's 
sake, don't brag about how wonderful you are in not doing so.  Just seemed to 
me to be self serving, but then, who am I?

And yes, I've never heard of you. Must be a great shock to your  ego.

Michael (the wicked)

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