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>>Subject:       Re: oae systems
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>>Date:  Mon, 10 Mar 1997 17:49:35 UNDEFINED
>>>Recently someone posted a request for information about specific
>>>OAE systems, presumably because of an interest in buying one.  I
>>>have stayed away from these discussions, because I do not want to
>>>be viewed as ever endorsing (or condemning) any device.  However,
>>>a number of people have posted endorsements of certain devices in
>>>general, nonspecific terms.  I still will not endorse any piece
>>>of equipment, but I will suggest somethings to consider when
>>>purchasing a device.
>>>Michael Gorga
>>You certainly have a high opinion of yourself. Do you suppose audiologists
>>mindless sheep waiting for Michael Gorga to make up their minds for them?
>>Man, what an ego!
>>BTW, who are you anyway?
>>Michael Ridenhour 

>Who are you to be so insulting to someone who is only offering his opinion?  And a useful opinion at that!

At least I have the guts to sign my name, which is more than I can say for 
you. Your outrage rings hollow when not reinforced by courage.

Michael Ridenhour

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