Can of worms

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Wed Mar 12 20:21:37 EST 1997

>Not that I would ever presume to defend Michael Gorga...

>But Mr. Ridenhour, your were insulting and by your own admission
>you haven't studied. Please take you own advice.

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She then quotes from my previous post...............

>>Having been out of academia for a few years, I had 
>>forgotten how self important and pompous you guys are. 

My response;

This is typical of the arrogance of the educationist crowd. I stated I had 
been out of academia. To these self-absorbed elitists, that means I haven't 
studied. Where did you find that information in my post? 

I have studied, oh outraged one.  Judging by your response, you might find a 
course in logical thinking very beneficial.

Studying OAEs is, no doubt, commendable. Studying the rest 
of life's mysteries even more so. The world is not encompassed by audiology, 
but it is made better by it when the practitioner has the concerns of the 
patient, not one's own self aggrandizement in mind. 

Michael Ridenhour

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