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Jeffrey Sirianni wrote:
> "wcrabtre" <wcrabtre at> wrote:
> >I have severe hearing loss above 2000hz, dropping to 90db- at 3500hz.
> >Audiologist suggested Oticon Personic 430 bte. units. Audiologist has
> >doubts about this helping me because of the high output level needed. We
> >dug threw all the spec. sheets on different manufacture's units, to find
> >one with the right curve. The Oticon "Personic 430" came the closest.
> >Any ideas or opinion's? Please email me at < wcrabtre at >or post
> >in group.
> Steep high frequency sensorineural hearing losses are diffiicult to fit based
> on:
> 1. Controlling feedback
> 2. Minimizing occlusion of one's voice
> 3. Benefit in high frequency regions
> To control 1. and 2., I would recommend the use of earmolds that have good
> retention, but minimize occlusion of one's voice.  I have tried the MCT
> (minimum contact technology) earmolds from Emtech on one of my patients
> who has a similar profile as you.  After adjusting his prescription on his
> new programmable aids, he says the feedback is almost non-existant, and he
> can tolarate his voice.
> In terms of benefit in the high frequency regions (3.), I have to think back
> to what my CFY supervisor once told me.  She said "If you're suspicious about
> whether a person is getting benefit on one certain region, check functional
> gain the sound field".  For one case I say, the person was getting a ton of
> real-ear gain at 3000 and 4000 Hz (about 40 dB), but almost no functional
> gain in these regions, plus a ton of feedback.  We turned to the 2000 Hz,
> and found that he was getting plenty of real-ear and functional gain, even
> after turning the gain down to relieve feedback.  His audiometric profile
> at 3000 Hz and above was not benefiting from any amount of real-ear gain.
> Instead of playing around with the prescription, I turned to counseling this
> patient about what I saw clinically and what he could expect from hearing
> aids based on his audiogram.
> Question for the group.... Has anyone else used MCT-type earmolds and what do
> you feel about them?
> Jeff
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Hi All,

I too have had some experience fitting Highfreq losses. The personic 430
does have some merit but 2 to 3 channel programmables are much more
flexible. Counseling the patient on realistic expectations is critical
IN ALL hearing aid fittings. I have had no experience with MCT but have
had success with other non-occluding earmolds.

Have a good day!

Eric J Stenersen, BC-HIS
Pocono Mountain Hearing Aid Service
East Stroudsburg, Pa

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