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>I have severe hearing loss above 2000hz, dropping to 90db- at 3500hz.
>Audiologist suggested Oticon Personic 430 bte. units. Audiologist has
>doubts about this helping me because of the high output level needed. We
>dug threw all the spec. sheets on different manufacture's units, to find
>one with the right curve. The Oticon "Personic 430" came the closest.
>Any ideas or opinion's? Please email me at < wcrabtre at >or post
>in group.

Steep high frequency sensorineural hearing losses are diffiicult to fit based

1. Controlling feedback
2. Minimizing occlusion of one's voice
3. Benefit in high frequency regions

To control 1. and 2., I would recommend the use of earmolds that have good
retention, but minimize occlusion of one's voice.  I have tried the MCT
(minimum contact technology) earmolds from Emtech on one of my patients
who has a similar profile as you.  After adjusting his prescription on his
new programmable aids, he says the feedback is almost non-existant, and he
can tolarate his voice.

In terms of benefit in the high frequency regions (3.), I have to think back
to what my CFY supervisor once told me.  She said "If you're suspicious about
whether a person is getting benefit on one certain region, check functional
gain the sound field".  For one case I say, the person was getting a ton of
real-ear gain at 3000 and 4000 Hz (about 40 dB), but almost no functional
gain in these regions, plus a ton of feedback.  We turned to the 2000 Hz,
and found that he was getting plenty of real-ear and functional gain, even
after turning the gain down to relieve feedback.  His audiometric profile
at 3000 Hz and above was not benefiting from any amount of real-ear gain.
Instead of playing around with the prescription, I turned to counseling this
patient about what I saw clinically and what he could expect from hearing
aids based on his audiogram.

Question for the group.... Has anyone else used MCT-type earmolds and what do
you feel about them?

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