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>At the time I´m following a course of "Classical Music Recording" at
>the University of Teleccomunication Engeneering in Madrid (EUITT). I´m
>interested in articles books or opinions related with this topic (I
>couldn`t find any specific source)

>Thanks in Advance.

>Gregorio García

I would suggest that you look into the following two books.   They may
have been updated since last I read them, but the titles and/or
authors should still be around.    
The books are as follows:

The New Recording Studio Handbook
by John M Woram and Alan Kefauver


Handbook of Recording Engineering
by John Eargle

Both books cover many subjects including classical music recording.
I have not found one particular book to cover just classical recording
alone that has been effective.   However, the authors of both those
books to do a lot of classical recording, are respected in the
industry, and give a practical view on approaching the art and science
of audio recording.   IMO, I would suggest to stay away from books
published by the SAMs publishing company.   I have found many of their
books to be biased in view when it comes to recording techniques
instead of giving many options for you to choose from.   If you need
further assistance, feel free to email me.

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