Can of worms

gandalf at gandalf at
Mon Mar 17 04:16:02 EST 1997

>Dear Mr. Ridenhour,

>I am also an individual who rarely responds to personal comments in this forum. You have gone past 
>the limits pof what can be sidered professionlism and certainly have no idea of what the term"good 
>manners" means.

I appreciate your good manners, also.

>All of us who have listened to Mike Gorga at his seminars, and have talked to him personally know 
>that this is not only a top researcher but an individual who cares about the hearing impaired.

None of which I have denied, by the way. I also agree that Mike Gorga is a 
gentleman and a scholar, which does not exclude him, or you, or me, from the 
ranks of the pompous.

>His work enables us in the field to analyze what we are doing, not  to be just technically 
>proficient in administering a test.

You may not know it, but I am also one of" us in the field".

>I hope he's aroung for many years to come,

So do I. 


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