The audiology registry/ototoxic monitoring requests

Jennifer Lantz, MS, CFY/A Jenn.the.audiologist at POSTOFFICE.WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Mar 19 23:34:22 EST 1997

First, let me add my thanks and congrats to Glen also. As Jeff already 
stated, this is a GRAND idea!

Second, for all of those that have requested info on ototoxic 
monitoring... I will mail/fax the info out sometime next week. I have 
the NESPA this weekend (that and the next 5 weeks are the last of my CFY 
hurdles - YEAH!) and have had a rather hectic week or two of work. I 
usually would write to everyone individually but since time is short 
right now, I thought this would be the best way to update everyone. 
Thanks to everyone who has emailed me. I am glad so many people are 


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