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>Please e-mail me (please don't post only) opinions on the resound programmable
>hearing aids and any
>other equivalent products on the market.  I'm particularly concerned about
>the ability of resound's technology to deliver its promises concerning the
>proper relationships between different sounds.  Their brochure claims that
>the hearing aid controls that volume of different sounds to give the amplified
>sound similar qualities to undamaged hearing.  I'm also curious about how
>these hearing aids respond to very loud sounds--do they transmit the sound
>as is (causing pain!) or do they "compress" the sound, i.e. attenuate the
>extreme volume.
>Also is their less expensive alternative that offers similar performance?
>Somebody posted that they were very happy with a $800 dollar Siemens model.
>The audiologist that recommended the resound quoted a price of $3000 per
>pair; is this a fair price?
I have used a pair of Resounds for a year, and am quite satisfied.  Had a
Siemens prior to that but Resound suited me better.

Most of the hearing aids have a compression ciruit, i.e. loud sounds are
compressed and not amplified as much.  It is up to the hearing aid provider to
properly program them.

Two aids are not twice as good as one, but it is an improvement.  No aid is
presently perfect.  After all, the hearing aid is only one part of the total
hearing system, and it tries to compensate when the other parts are not working
properly.  The different hearing aids have different compression algorithms, and
there is probably no one that is outstanding over the others.  I chose Resound
after trying another type of hearing aid, Phonak,  using a microphone
technology.  In that one each aid had two microphones, designed to reduce the
"interfering" sounds from behind.  Sometimes it is useful, but the sound quality
was not to my liking.

Re the $3000 per pair, I paid $3800!  Although very expensive, my provider has
been readjusting per my request many times and never charged.  

Hope this helps.
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