programmable hearing aids

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Hi Jeffrey,
I did not know that there were limitations on what can be posted.  Is it a
general Usenet rule?  Are you advising me in a capacity of someone assigned
to monitor this group or just an interested reader.  Although I am not at
all offended by your courteous message, I am strongly against any kind of
censorship.  This is not, after all, a porno thing, nor inciting to cause
any harm to any group.  As such, pricing seems to be a reasonable attribute
of a product.
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Date: Monday, 24-Mar-97 11:57 PM

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Subject: Re: programmable hearing aids

Sorry to interfer in a worthwhile discussion of programmable compression
aids, but I do need to request that discussion of pricing be left out of the
newsgroup per the charter's agreement with the BIONET/BIOSCI administration.
 Thank you for your cooperation.

James Porchik (porchikj at wrote:

>>Also is their less expensive alternative that offers similar performance?
>>Somebody posted that they were very happy with a $800 dollar Siemens model
>>The audiologist that recommended the resound quoted a price of $3000 per
>>pair; is this a fair price?

Alex Sidline (asidline at replied:

>Re the $3000 per pair, I paid $3800! Although very expensive, my provider
>been readjusting per my request many times and never charged. 

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