Research Project on Deafness and Literature

Brian Keith South bks at
Thu Mar 27 17:21:20 EST 1997

Greetings Everyone:

My name is Brian South. I am a senior Undergraduate English major
struggling with a paper on Deafness and Literature. I would greatly
appreciate any feedback for the following questions:

1.       How would a deaf person interpret literature intended for audible
readers (the rustling of leaves, the soughing of the wind, rhyme, meter)

A friend suggested that these audible terms can be written in other
like kinesthetic visual or vibrating terms. because you can feel the wind
and see it.

2.       Are there any classic literary plays that have been translated
from English to ASL in which these audible words have been substituted
visual, vibrating or kinesthetic terms?

3.      According to a librarian at the deaf media resource center at the
San Francisco Library, some plays especially Shakespeare that are
performed in ASL contain subtle jokes not present in spoken plays? Could
you give me an example of these subtle ASL puns?

Thank you for your feedback.


Brian South

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