Nose driping affect hearing aid performance?

David Shalita af389 at
Thu Mar 27 15:54:59 EST 1997

I am a hearing aid USER, not a dispenser or Audiologist.  I am looking 
for a newsgroup where USERS discuss hearing aids. Can you possibly 
direct me to such a newsgroup?

I would like to ask this  group about a concern I have and which I seem 
to be experiencing with my Siemens Music ITE hearing aids.

I wonder if it is possible, if my intermittent nose dripping a drainage 
can cause my hearing curves to vary significantly enough from morning to 
afternoon, as to require different high frequency compensation in the 
morning than that required in the afternoon. I am not a person who is 
alergic to pollens, but my hearing quality seems to vary with my nose 
dripping. If my hearing curves can vary as I describe, how does one 
adjust hearing aids for optimum performance?

Is this a common problem with hearing aid users who have variable 
amounts of nose dripping and congestion?

Thanks for any comments,

		 Dave Shalita, af389 at

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