bi-cross hearing aids; unhappy user

RSiegel663 rsiegel663 at
Fri Mar 28 01:04:29 EST 1997

CROS hearing aids and Bi-CROS fittings have been around for at least 20
years to varying degrees of success and acceptance.  The wired systems
have had a rough time if not looked at reasonably.  The Telex wireless
CROS is a good system, but from what you discribed, the Starkey system may
be the sequel circuit which is an excellent system in my opinion.  The
wire should not be such a high breakdown item.  Get spare wires and
connection boots not additional hearing aids!  You have a spare tire in
the trunk, not a spare car. ;-D

Check with your dispenser on backup systems and parts.  Contact me if I
can be of further assistence.

Robert Siegel M.S. CCC-A, BC-HIS

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