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Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Fri Mar 28 01:25:58 EST 1997

Jenn.the.audiologist at POSTOFFICE.WORLDNET.ATT.NET ("Jennifer Lantz, MS, CFY/A") wrote:

>I am sure Jeff will correct me if I am wrong, but this issue has come up 
>on the ASHA listserve. It is against the law (I believe) to discuss 
>prices because it can be construed as price-fixing. Jeff was correct to 
>step in as he is the moderator of this group and if people insist on 
>talking prices, I think we could lose this newsgroup. Did I get that 
>right Jeff? (BTW, are you going to answer my email :-)? ).

I don't know if it is against the law, but it is against the guidelines
established by the BIONET/BIOSCI administrators that monitor and maintain
the hundreds of newsgroups in their realm.  When I started this newsgroup,
I was asked to keep watch over the newsgroup and to keep participants from
breaking the realm policies.  Discussion of pricing and direct advertising
has come up several times, but most times unintentional.  I am a strong
believer in free speech (BION), but I have to follow the realm guidelines,
or risk having us dropped from the realm.  I'm sure some of your would
love moving this to the alt realm, but that's another story.

Thanks for your comment Jennifer.

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